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Kamille Bauer is a vibrant happiness life coach and grief recovery expert. As a cancer widow and single mother of 3, her positive perspective on life through adversity has influenced tens of thousands around the world.


Kamille's realistic and humorous view of life's challenges is a bright example of light and hope! She has a talent of deeply connecting with her loyal audience through vulnerable honesty.


Her unique and engaging speeches captivate the attention and hearts of those listening.


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Struggling with Grief, Loss, Disappointment...?

You may feel like there is no one you can talk to that truly understands what you are going through, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. You are not alone.

You don't have to go through this on your own. I know, I understand, I'm here for you!

Let's find your Happiness.

I invite you to start with my FREE online coaching program:

4 Days + 4 Ways to turn your Setbacks into Setups

In this course you will be given the tools you need to turn your doubts into determination and purpose. You will be empowered to look at your life through a new lens as you learn to grow the habits of happiness.

Then join me in my "Grow Through Your Grief" program.

During our six weeks together, you will learn to approach your loss (or your loved ones' loss) with a new perspective that will allow you to feel peace, find joy, and have hope even in the crazy, painful moments.


For more personalized and private mentoring, please schedule a one-on-one appointment with me to receive the help you need and deserve to work through your grief and disappointment and find your Happy.


You are not alone. Let's address your real-world problems with a practical and spiritual approach. You can be happy and hopeful while honoring your feelings and those you've lost.

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“No happiness life coach starts out the way I did. I’m a cancer widow, a divorcee, and now a happily married author and life coach. I’m passionate about guiding you through the hard patches in your life with my positive, one-of-a-kind outlook.

I will help you hit milestones by setting aside the hurt you’re feeling from deep loss. I will show you that there is a choice other than despair, and help you forge a path with hope, optimism, and determination. I know that my path is meant to help you strengthen your hope and faith during your darkness.

My unique and insightful speaking style will help you focus on what you have instead of what you were so that you can feel joy again. My story will open your eyes to how fortunate you are to be alive and that you can find peace and happiness.”

Take happiness back from grief and loss with the aid of a life coach


Do you ask yourself “How can I be happy when life is hard?”. Looking for the answer isn’t something you need to do alone. I am a life coach with happiness as my main goal. I know how to understand your pain and how to create a path toward health and wellness that’s right for you.

I can help you with my free four-day program that illustrates four ways to turn your setbacks into setups. It is filled with the tools necessary for you to become the brave, persistent person that sees the world in a way that brings you happiness. Join me in my six-month "Grow Through Your Grief" program and, during our time together, you will learn to approach loss with a new perspective. Finally, you will feel peace, find joy, and have hope even in the crazy, painful moments.

If you are struggling with moving forward after a death or divorce, I would love to help you! Do you want help creating growth within your company? Book me as a motivational keynote speaker for your team.

Life coaching and mentoring for your happiness

You can listen to me as I coach and mentor people and companies, and I can have you believe in yourself and your value. My message is to press toward a happier lifestyle by taking the steps that power up your confidence. There are all kinds of losses that will take a toll on you but you can transform yourself with the help of my coaching program.

Find the courage and strength to persevere above physical, mental and spiritual challenges. To find the purpose why you move forward and what life’s about. I will help you strive to be a better person every day, and see how you grow into a real-life superhero in your own epic story.

Don’t be afraid to start a coaching program with me. Our conversations can turn into the most hilarious discussion you’ve had in forever. Not only will it feel good to laugh, it will help you grow into a joyful person.



Your coach for happiness and life in a complicated world


I’m in love with my imperfect life and who I’ve become even in difficult times. I love what I’ve learned from heartache and suffering, and that lets me know what really matters. It’s an honor to share my heart, mission, story and passion with you as you grow.I feel so blessed to be able to share my hope, light and smile as an author, motivational keynote speaker, podcaster, YouTuber.

I believe in this because I know it, and because I’ve lived it. As a cancer widow, I’ve been surrounded by doubts and fears. My deep familiarity with human behavior has taught me that things don’t go as planned, but there’s always something right if you choose to see it.

Spreading happiness through life coaching on social media

I’m also the host of a fascinating and exciting podcast where I talk about the struggles of my own life and what inspires me. I share my trials as a modern woman and have guests on sometimes too - all with the goal in helping you think differently about what true happiness really is – Their is hope and happiness while living with grief after terminal cancer, motherhood, learning to love again. I can show you how you can obtain strength and faith through it all and come out a better person.

My YouTube channel also tells my story and passions as a way to coach people through renewal and helping them find happiness even at the deepest of intimidating circumstances. I love that I get to share my hope, my spiritual and emotional insights and ‘aha’ moments with you my friend.


Beat grief with happiness and pick the right life coach!


I have the courage to share the unpredictable parts of my journey and become the happiness life coach that’s right for you. You don’t have to wait for something to come your way to be happy. If you need a better understanding of why loss and devastations is a natural process, why don’t you go ahead and connect with me? You can also discover information about my free programs or schedule a free discovery call here..

Put On Your Big Girl Pants!

My uplifting, raw, and humorous personal podcast on

cancer, loss, grief, motherhood, and finding joy.